Spring-Summer 2021

Sunny Platform Slides

Simple, casual and comfortable silhouettes. Ready to live, vibrate in true and natural colours, bringing to life the
blissfulness of nature. Earthy warm tones contrast with lighter hues of minty green and vibrant yellow.

Small Steps Outside

A thoughtful Gift Guide

If feels good to give, and it feels better to present someone with JOY. Here's a joyful and thoughtful gift guide for you
surprise with style, functionality and a deep sense of purpose.

Spring Summer 2021

Act I: Live Immediately

Living immediately doesn’t mean living carelessly. Living in the immediate moment means turning each moment into a happy one. With this purpose, we give life to new functional, comfortable and versatile styles, ready for any occasion. Vibrating in true and natural colours with new styles that attract nature's magnetism.

Looking for inspiration?

Take a look at how our #lemongirls have styled their Lemon Jelly's
and share yours with us too.

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